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Izumi's World

A Story Journal

28 August 1989
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Welcome to My World

The 40.5 Meme
Class: Floating... currently not in school =.=
Birthday (Sign): August 28 (Virgo)
Blood type: Idk
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 116 lb
Dominant Hand: Right
Favorite Food: Sweets
Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Reading Manga/Fanfiction, Wiki-ing
Family: Mom, Brother
Committee: Um...
Best Subject: Programming
Worst Subject: Communications I
Often visited place in school/workplace: Library
Elementary School: Too many to List
Uses allowance on: Sweets, Notebooks, Mechanical Pencils + lead, Food
Favorite Motto: "I'm gonna eat you face."/"I'm gonna beat you with a stick!"
Favorite types of movies: Action, Comedy
Favorite type of books: Comedy, Romance
Favorite type of music: Almost everything as long as I like it
Favorite colours: Red, Orange
Favorite type (of person): I honestly don't know
Favorite date spot: ...
Most wanted thing right now: Money
Daily Routine: sleep, rp, surf the web, food, sleep
Doesn't like/bad at doing: Vacuuming (too loud)
Special skill aside from tennis: I don't play tennis =.= but um, hm...


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Momoshiro Takeshi(Takemi) - xpeachy_girlx @ tenihime
Kurobane Harukaze (Haruka) - amazing_haruka @ tenihime
Muromachi Touji - tanned_hacker @ centergai


Fic Challenges

citrus_taste - lime table
Blog Crew
[Inui Sadaharu]The Prince of Tennis

By the POWER vested upon this blogcrew,
I hereby claim [Hiyoshi Wakashi].
And since this blogcrew PWNS all OTHER blogcrews,
He’s mine. ALL MINE. Sucks for you.


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bondsandblood - Bonds and Blood Web Fiction Serial

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